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Forty million years ago, nature created a mountain of salt in the area where Cardona stands nowadays. Its exploitation from the Neolithic period onwards fostered the area’s economic and social development in ancient times, leading it to become, in the Middle Ages, the cradle of the richest lineage in Catalonia: the Cardona family.


The Castle of Cardona was built in the 11th Century. This imposing castle, together with the Canonical Church of Sant Vicenç, a jewel of the Catalan Lombard Romanesque, lies atop a strategic hill that provides a view straddling the Pyrenees to Montserrat.


Since 1997, the Salt Mountain has become a major tourist attraction. In recent years, Cardona, located just over an hour from Barcelona, has made a strong bid for tourism. The improvement of the tourist facilities and services offered to visitors has been an important step in making this charming mediaeval town even more welcoming, in an exceptional natural setting where one can enjoy a range of healthy activities.



Cardona Tourism Office

Avinguda del Rastrillo, s/n | 08261 Cardona

Tel. 93 869 27 98 |



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